Harada Sensei Shotokai Karatedo

Teaching at Sensei Reg Bleakmans club in Birmingham England. The date is not currently known, but late 1950’s – mid 1960’s.

Sensei Bleakman was graded in 4th Dan Karate




Abbe sensei, showing the way,

by training hard with a student,

in Birmingham late 1950’s.










Chris Kazuo Hoshiyama Hanshi

Chris Kazuo Hoshiyama


Hoshiyama Kazuo Hanshi 10th Dan

President of Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan & Kojo-Ryu Koshinkan

WBKA Inc is highly honored that Hoshiyama sensei has agreed to be our special adviser to

WBKA Inc for Karate, Ju Jitsu and Kobudo.









WBKA Inc Ambassador for Karate is Hanshi Bruce Haynes,

Hanshi Bruce Haynes is 10th Dan,

“44 Times World Champion” undefeated,

he is “Guinness Book of Records, World Record Holder for Breaking”.