Welcome to the World Budo Kan Association

The organisation is dedicated to the preservation of Japanese & Samurai Arts which were taught by Reg Bleakman Sensei in 1964 under then Budo of Great Britain.

Under the World Budo Kan, students learn arts such as Atemi Ju Jitsu/Jutsu, Aikido, Karate, Aiki Jitsu, Kobudo, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo as originally taught by such instructors as Kinshiro Abbe Sensei, Reg Bleakman Sensei, Noro Sensei and O’Tani Sensei. Passed on to such instructors as Anthony Smith Sensei, Phillip Bradley, and Carl Withey Sensei and thus onto current national & regional representatives and members.

Since the demise of Budo of Great Britain, there has been a lack of resources, information, guidance, collaboration and co-operation in the area of Martial Arts that were taught and past on to Reg Bleakman Sensei and others by many legendary instructors. What is alarming is that many of the ancient arts once taught by those Masters and Senior Instructors within Budo of Great Britain may eventually be lost.

Sensei Reg Bleakman 9th Dan, Head of the Budo of Great Britain

Reg Bleakman Sensei 9th Dan,
Head of the Budo of Great Britain


There are only a few senior instructors and masters still around and practicing, which in itself over the coming short years may see a huge amount of knowledge lost or diluted.

Soke Smith, Sensei Bleakman, Sensei Anthony Golding 1970's

Tony Smith Soke, Bleakman Sensei , Anthony Golding Sensei 1970’s


We at The World Budo Kan have been hard at work putting together a training scheme, lesson plans, grading curriculum that is faithful to that of the teachings from the World Masters that once taught and instructed at the Budo of GB. Kyu Shin Kan, Seki Shin Kan and other martial art clubs associated within it, thus can now be used to support the continuation of the legacy and linage left behind.

World Budo Kan will assist where possible any former members of the Budo of Great Britain that is having difficulty with their grades being recognised. Also, you can now gain promotion in Atemi Ju Jutsu/ Jitsu, Aikido and Aiki Jitsu as per the teachings of Reg Bleakman Sensei, Abbey Sensei, Noro Sensei and others.

Tony Smith Sensei is the only legitimate Judan (10th Dan) in the World today teaching Atemi JuJitsu / Jutsu. He is also currently making plans for succession of his direct linage in Atemi Ju Jitsu / Jutsu, Aikido, Aiki Jitsu, Kobudo, Judo and Karate in order for the knowledge to be preserved.

We are financially independent of any other organisation. We are an “Incorporated Entity”as a “NOT For PROFIT” organisation raising funds through membership, sponsorship, courses and resources such as certificates and from various grants.

The Arts that we teach within our association are


Atemi JuJitsu/Jutsu


Karate (Golden Dragon style & Shotokan)






If you would like further information please contact your World Budo Kan Association National Representative or email Carl Withey Sensei