WBKA SEMINARS 2018. Benny The Jet Adelaide Seminar SUN 21 OCTOBER 2018 PROSPECT


WBKA Seminar 8th April 2018 11am to 2:30pm

Hosted by John Alford Tugra Shan Martial Arts at

Antonio Catholic School gym – Entry Via rear Car Park at 25 Stanley St., Morphett Vale SA 5162

Teaching Knife Attacks & Defense, & Aikido.

Teachers: Professor Steve Miranda, Sensei Tony Ricketts & Sensei Jason Nagy

Open to All Styles & Clubs, All Ranks Beginners to Advanced, Adults & Juniors.

Cost: WBKA Members $20/ Non WBKA Participants $25

Simply Complete the above Application & give to your teacher or bring to the seminar with Seminar Fee Payment.

Bookings Contact: John Alford 0410 859 775 or Emailjohnalford0212@gmail.com


World Budo Kan Association & John Alford Proudly Presents


SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 11am to 2pm


6 Times World Kickboxing Champion/ 5 Times World Karate Champion

Opportunity of Lifetime to learn ‘Live’ from Sensei Benny The Jet!

Open to All Styles, All Clubs, Beginners to Advanced, Adults & Juniors 7 years old +

For Seminar Bookings Contact John Alford on Mobile: 0410 859 775 or Emailjohnalford0212@gmail.com

Seminar Fee: Adults $100/ Juniors $50/ Spectators $10

GROUP DISCOUNTS: Non WBKA Clubs or Private Groups may receive Discounts for minimum of 5 or more participants. Contact John Alford on 0410 859 775 for more information.

SEMINAR SPOTS ARE being Filled Now!! Book your place ASAP & Secure your Seminar Spot by Simply Saving or downloading the above Flyer/ Application form Then Fill out the Application, Pay Online as per payment information on the Application & Email me your completed Application & Copy of Payment Receipt to: johnalford0212@gmail.com

Private Lessons with Sensei Benny The Jet are available.  Contact John Alford on 0410 859 775 for more information.



WBKA Kokusai Kaigi International Congress Adelaide 2017

WBKA Kokusai Kaigi 2017 Adelaide

The WBKA Kokusai Kaigi International Congress was organised by outgoing WBKA President Kyoshi Carl Withey. Kyoshi Carl & the WBKA Committee began preparing for this seminar well over a year ago. As with all seminars there are loads of things to organise in preparation for the big day including Overseas guest teachers getting picked up from the airport & dropped to their motels. As overseas guest teachers were here for around a week, Kyoshi Carl organised visits to WBKA member club dojos, showing them the best of Adelaide surrounds, koalas & kangaroos.

The WBKA Kokusai Kaigi International Congress seminar was held on 28/10/17 at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre was attended by around 35 adults & 20 junior participants not including guest teachers & WBKA Hierarchy – so including teachers it was about 60 in total. In addition there were about 20 spectators. About 9am VIP Guests Vice Consul of Japan from Melbourne Mr. Shota Tohara & Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs, Trade & Small Business the Honourable Jing Lee – they both gave wonderful inspiring speeches. The Honourable Jing Lee spoke about how her father was a Grandmaster in a Chinese Martial Art. They both spoke of how martial arts had enduring effects that went way beyond physical benefits including building character, good behaviour & a good society.


Shihan Juerg Steiner – Switzerland

Kyoshi Angel Lemus – USA Hawaii

Participants were subdivided into 3 groups of Dan grades, Kyu grades & juniors. Each group spent a couple of hours with respective teachers which included from Switzerland Shihan Juerg Steiner 6th Dan Aikido, from USA Arizona Hanshi Larry Hall 10th Dan Okinawa Shorinji-ryu Kyan-te Karate-Do Association & from USA Hawaii Kyoshi Angel Lemus 7th Dan Shorin-Ryu & Kojo-Ryu.

Shihan Juerg Steiner from Switzerland took the Dan grades on Mat 1 through some bokken kumitachi (wooden sword 2 person attack & defence techniques) incorporating evading, control, wrist locks leading into takedowns. Movements included tai sabaki (whole body movements including repositioning off the centreline). This of course is a central feature of Aikido. Shihan Juerg who has a 6th Dan from Aikikai Hombu dojo in Japan has lived & practised Aikido for 12 years in Shingu, Japan where he followed the teachings of Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei & Motomichi Anno Sensei.

Kyoshi Angel Lemus took the colour belts through bo (6 foot staff) attacks, defences, parries & counterattacks. He closely demonstrated hand positions & rotation of the bo thus increasing the devastating penetrating effects of the strikes. Participants worked alone & then in pairs acting as uke & tori (attacking & executing the technique). Kyoshi Angel Lemus has studied extensively in many martial arts styles & in addition to many dan grades currently holds a 7th Dan rank in Zentokukai. He lives in ‘paradise’ in Hawaii.

Meanwhile Hanshi Larry Hall assisted by John Alford sensei (Tugra Shan Martial Arts & WBKA Committee member) took the juniors through some traditional basic punches, blocks & kicks. Juniors then practiced techniques they were taught against kick shields. Juniors were encouraged to conduct demonstrations of their favourite martial arts techniques under the watchful eye of Hanshi Larry. Some juniors demonstrated their flexibility by showing extremely high kicks whilst others showed their expertise in Aikido techniques against a number of opponents.

Hanshi Larry Hall was especially impressed by the high standard of the juniors/ adults & was delighted by their respectful behaviour.

The seminar flowed very smoothly with each & every person assisting with the success of the seminar. Our VIP dignitaries spoke very highly of the WBKA, organisers & participants & they thoroughly themselves.

Aikido, jujitsu & weapons techniques demonstrated were very sharp and with patient teachers easy to learn. I’m sure we all came away with some exciting techniques to add to our arsenal & teaching techniques.

We will within a month have our very exciting WBKA Newsletter coming out which will be emailed to all.

“Well that’s it for another year! The WBKA has already gained a new international club and possibly another two clubs here in SA, plus a unique link in the USA. Plus much needed funds to families of domestic violence here in SA. Thank you everyone who helped me in founding, running and promoting WBKA since it was founded. Now it is stronger, better than ever. Thank you.” Kyoshi Carl Withey

“An outstanding seminar, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you, Carl Sensei, for all the time and energy you put into it! I was simply overwhelmed by the love and kokoro spirit that I felt in Australia, and I made some incredible friendships. I can’t wait until next year!! “ Hanshi Larry Hall

2018 WBKA Seminars

The WBKA Committee is already planning some even more exciting seminars for 2018 & we all very much look forward to your kind support. The WBKA is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation which is dedicated to the preservation of Japanese & Samurai arts & our aim is to share with you martial arts such as Aikido, Jujitsu, Karate & Weapons by bringing out truly gifted martial artists who readily share their expertise in seminars such as yesterday & throughout each year.

The WBKA holds seminars throughout each year to raise funds to finance these overseas teachers flights & accommodation etc. These teachers are unpaid & happily share their knowledge with you freely.

WBKA Gala Dinner & Charity Auction 2017


WBKA Gala Dinner-VIPs, Guest Teachers

The WBKA Gala Dinner & Charity Auction was once again the ‘icing on the cake’ and was attended by around 70 members, Teachers, VIP’s & family. The food was great as was the celebratory atmosphere of the night which was only topped off by a very exciting auction with loads of highly interesting items on offer.





USA – LARRY HALL, Hanshi, 10th Dan Kyan-Te Karate-Do
USA – ANGEL LEMUS, Kyoshi, Shorin-Ryu & Kojo-Ryu, Shihan-Dai
AUS-Garry O’CONNOR Hanshi 10th Dan Takahashi-ha no Ryukyu Shuri-te Karate-Do 

At the Ingle Farm Recreation Centre, Cnr of Roopena St & Beovich Rd, Ingle Farm SA 5098

The WBKA Committee are proud to announce the following outstanding Instructors who have agreed to attend our International event.

USA – Larry Hall, Hanshi, 10th Dan
Okinawa Shorinji-Ryu Kyan-Te Karate-Do Association 

USA Hawaii – Angel Lemus, Kyoshi, Shorin-Ryu & Kojo-Ryu, Shihan-Dai
Co-President and Secretary of the Okinawa Kojo-Ryu/Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan. Note* Kojo-Ryu is the oldest and rarest karate style in the world, established in 1392 in Okinawa. Will teach kobudo.

Switzerland – Juerg Steiner Shihan 6th Dan
Sensei Steiner Shihan 6th Dan Aikido (Aikikai Japan). Dojo Cho of Centre Kumano in Biel Switzerland. Shihan lived and trained as uchideshi in Shingu Japan under Michio Hikitsuchi sensei (10th Dan) and Motomichi Anno sensei (8th Dan). For at least one month every year Shihan travel to Japan to further improve his skills and knowledge. Shihan is a highly respected international teacher.

Australia – Garry O’Connor Hanshi 10th Dan
Takahashi-Ha no Ryukyu Shuri-Te Karate-Do. Educated directly under Kentsu Takahashi in addition, Ichiou Ito Shihan. Japan. After extensive research of records, and after the death of Ichirou Ito – Shihan in 2006 O’Connor Hanshi is acknowledged as the next senior Deshi of Kentsu Takahashi Soke (1900-1994).

The WBKA Kokusai Kaigi International Congress/ Training Seminar will be held on 28th October 2017 9am to 4:30pm at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre, Cnr of Roopena St & Beovich Rd, Ingle Farm, Adelaide SA 5098. The Martial Arts Seminar will be taught by International World Class Instructors. Cost is only $50pp for the Seminar & is open to Juniors & Adults from ages 6+yo up. 

This is shaping up to be an International Seminar Not to be missed! Book quickly to secure your place – meet & train under these famous Masters. Last year’s Kokusai Kaigi was an Unforgettable seminar! 

There will also be a 3 Course WBKA Gala Dinner held on Saturday 28th October 2017 6pm to 10pm at the Para Hills Community Centre – Cost is $55pp & is open to adults, juniors & family. During the evening, our famous WBKA Gala Dinner Auction will once again be held with many exciting items available for bidding. 
We have the ‘Japanese Vice-Consul for Japanese Affairs Mr. Shota Tohara’ flying in from Melbourne especially for both the Event Opening and the Gala Dinner on the evening. In addition the ‘Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs the Honourable Ms Jing Lee MLA’ is attending both the Event Opening and the Gala Dinner.

There will be some limited opportunities to make a booking for personal one to one instruction with these masters during their stay in Adelaide for a fee should you wish to take advantage of this offer.

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE for the WBKA Kokusai Kaigi International Congress/ Martial Arts Seminar &/ or the Gala Dinner please refer to the Above Flyer for Instructions on Booking. No Applications forms necessary-simply pay into Bank Account as per Kokusai Kaigi Flyer.

Book asap to secure your place on the seminar. Bookings as per instructions on the above Flyer.

Contact Carl Withey (Organiser of this event) if you wish to clarify any information on Mobile 0402 856 772 or via Email at worldbudokan@internode.on.net