WBKA Kokusai Kaigi 2016

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WBKA Kokusai Kaigi 国際会議

We announce our biannual event on the 5th & 6th November 2016 held in Adelaide.

The “WBKA Kokusai Kaigi 国際会議 ,International Congress” will from now on always be in the first week of November, concentrating on traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

There will be an ‘Evening Gala Dinner and Auction’ being held on the Saturday evening.

Once again you will have the opportunity to train with  world class instructors in Karate, Kobudo, Aikido, Jujitsu and Judo – the quality of these instructors is of the highest caliber.

This will not be a public event, as in previous years, and again applications are required.

Book your place for this well established event in January at our email address: wbka.events@gmail.com or by messaging us on Facebook.

We encourage anyone with a true love of the martial arts to come and join us regardless of style or association. Please mark an inquiry: attention Sensei Tony Ricketts.

Early booking is definitely advised as the committees have indicated numbers may be capped at 150 participants in order to provide the best learning platform.

The cost of this event for two full days of exceptional training is $75.00 for Adults and $65.00 for children.

Event Program PDF


WBKA Committee are pleased to announce the final instructors.

Kazuo Hoshiyama, Hanshi 10th Dan.

Angel Lemus, Kyoshi


Jurg Steiner, Shihan 6th Dan


Jurg SteinerJurg Steiner 2

Jürg Steiner, 6th Dan Shihan (Aikikai Japan) is head instructor at the Dojo Cho of Centre Kumano in Biel Switzerland.

Shihan lived for 12 years in Shingu, Japan, in order to follow the teaching of Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei 10th Dan (Dec) and Motomichi Anno Sensei 8th Dan . During those years of intensive training he lived as Uchideshi (student dwelling in the dojo or in the neighbourhood) and attended the two daily practices in the early morning and in the evening.

Shihan accompanied Hikitsuchi Sensei during all his travels to Finland and France as well as during his aikido demonstrations across Japan. In this context he was in charge of translating Hikitsuchi’s sensei teachings in French, German and English, and often was his Uke.

Shihan directs Aikido classes in Australia, Europe and North California and speaks fluent Japanese. Each year shihan spends at least a month in Japan to improve his skills and knowledge. Shihan knows Japanese culture and particularly martial arts and Japanese philosophy.

Shihan Steiner is a highly sought after teacher internationally and brings with him a wealth of knowledge about Aikido and the true meaning of Budo to our event and we are highly honoured for him to agree to join our other international instructors in sharing their knowledge and experience with us.