Events News

Events News

WBKA Kokusai Kaigi 28th October 2017
The Committee are humbled to announced the following outstanding instructors have agreed to attend our International event.

Larry Hall, Hanshi, 10th Dan.
Okinawa Shorinji-Ryu Kyan-Te Karate-Do Association. Executive Council Koshinkan Karate & Kobudo Association. Will teach Karate.

Angel Lemus, Kyoshi, Shorin-Ryu & Kojo-Ryu, Shihan-Dai.
Co-President and Secretary of the Okinawa Kojo-Ryu/Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan. Note* Kojo-Ryu is the oldest and rarest karate style in the world, established in 1392 in Okinawa. Will teach kobudo.

Juerg Steiner Shihan 6th Dan
Sensei Steiner Shihan 6th Dan Aikido (Aikikai Japan). Dojo Cho of Centre Kumano in Biel Switzerland. Shihan lived and trained as uchideshi in Shingu Japan under Michio Hikitsuchi sensei (10th Dan) and Motomichi Anno sensei (8th Dan). For at least one month every year Shihan travel to Japan to further improve his skills and knowledge. Shihan is a highly respected international teacher.

Garry O’Connor Hanshi 10th Dan
Takahashi-Ha no Ryukyu Shuri-Te Karate-Do. Educated directly under Kentsu Takahashi in addition, Ichiou Ito Shihan. Japan. After extensive research of records, and after the death of Ichirou Ito – Shihan in 2006 O’Connor Hanshi is acknowledged as the next senior Deshi of Kentsu Takahashi Soke (1900-1994).


This is now one of the most exciting Martial Art and Cultural events ever to be staged not just here in South Australia, but…Australia wide!

Special Festival Notice (Donations)

We have been asked by numerous people within the martial arts community who cannot attend the Festival of Martial Arts and Culture in October, how and if they can make a donation to the charities we are helping to support through the festival.

The answer is a big YES!

The causes are as follows;

  • Orphan Children in Kitwei Zambia Mission (food, clothing, Education and Mosquito netting)  (Orphans)
  • Men’s Prostate-Cancer (PCFA)
  • Motor Neurons Disease MND is devastating disease with no cause, cure or effective treatment. To help provides support services to over 100 people in SA with MND.(MND)
  • Parkinsons Disease to go for projects for people with the disease. (PD)

Dear Members

In line and accordance with the WBKA Inc constitution the AGM will be held on 22nd July at the HQ in Research Rd, Pooraka. Starting at 7pm prompt, all members present may vote, when required.

The agenda items (should you wish to add an item) are to be forwarded to Secretary for inclusion via email not later than 6th July 2014

The following committee positions are up for re-election:

President (C. Withey), and Vice President (vacant) the term is 3 years.

Two other committee member positions (non-specific) are also up for re-election currently held by (L. Withey & J. Withey).

Positions not up for re-election are: Treasurer , and Secretary both have 2 years to run.

Nominations for the above positions are to be forwarded to the WBKA Secretary no later than; 6th July 2014, either by email or letter and also seconded by a member (name must be supplied).

**Note the Festival Committee is currently not affected by any of the above. Their rolls will lapse after the festival and report to the new committee.

 Update……get your applications in as soon as possible, Festival is almost fully booked out….!


This is now one of the most exciting Martial Art and Cultural events ever to be staged not just here in South Australia, but…Australia wide!


Soke Tony Ball Fudoshin, one of the most respected and skilled exponents of the Fudoshin. Fresh from his European seminars, Soke Tony Ball will be joined by Shihan Darren Ball, to share their wealth of experience in teaching weapons at the the Festival of Martial Arts and Culture October 11th & 12th. Come join us, why would you be anywhere else with our line up of world class masters over two whole days?
Book your place by emailing us direct at

Jonathan Kruger, 8th Dan Shihan and Missionary, will be traveling from Central Africa to join us and share his art with all the attendees.




44x’s World Champion

Will be making a ‘triple’ world title attempt to break





The Festival of Martial Arts and Culture 11th & 12th October 2014 in South Australia, are please to further announce that;

·         Sensei Hoshiyama of Okinawa, (Kojo-Ryu Koshinkan Karate and Hoshiyama Ju-Jitsu Ryu)

·         Professor  Gringo Leonides Santos  & Shireen ‘Dindar Collins Bantus Capoeria  (The dynamic Brazilian Martial Art).

·         Sensei Kruger 8th Dan and Martial Art Missionary from Zambia (Central Africa) Judoka Kodakan.

·         Hanshi Te Hurinui Murphy 10th Dan (NZ) – Kokusai Shoujin Renmei Federation.

Mae Te Kore – Fantail Combat system.

Australian living legends:

·         HANSHI BRUCE HAYNES, 10th Dan, ‘44x’s World Champion’  and ‘Guinness Book of Records’, ‘World Records Holder for Tameshiwari/Breaking’.

·         SOKE TONY BALL and SHIHAN DARREN BALL from Fudoshin Ryu Bujutsu.

·         HANSHI JAMES PLUMRIDGE- 10th Dan Founder Kokusai Shoujin Renmei

Regarded as one of the pioneers of Martial Arts in New Zealand. Founder of Kokusai Shoujin Martial Arts Federation, and 10th Dan in mixed martial arts, with the Martial Arts Association International. Inducted into the World Hall of Fame and Headmaster Sokeship Council.

·        Master Hans De Jong, Tsunami Hozan Ryu JuJustu, one of the most respected  Masters of JuJustu in the world, and a leading pioneer of Australian JuJutsu.

We have Masters of various disciplines and styles, Lecturers, Demonstrations, Food, Music, Interactive displays and activities, stalls and much more. The WBKA Festival in a truly international event with students and Masters attending from the UK, USA, Africa and other countries just to be a part of this festival. We are still waiting for two other international Masters to confirm that they will attend and share their knowledge.

On the Cultural side we have Health and wellness, along with cultural and interactive displays including origami, calligraphy, henna painting, food stalls and much more.

If any instructor or student wishes to attend this event contact us as soon as possible filling in the application form (below) and return them to for consideration. You will then receive an email for your payment ($95.00 per person).

*Note participation on the mat is strictly by invitation only.


WBKA reserves the right to make any changes without notice to instructors all rights reserved.




We are pleased once again to announce the

“Meeting of Styles Training Day”

It is with the greatest pleasure and honor that we can announce that:

Hanshi Bruce Haynes, 10th Dan, “44 Times World Full Contact Karate Champion” undefeated, “Guinness Book of Records, World Record Holder for Breaking”, The founder of HANSHI KAI INTERNATIONAL from Melbourne Victoria, will be joining us and teaching on the day.


Date: Sunday 30th March 2014

Venue: Tugra Shan Martial Arts


Antonio Catholic School Gym, 8 Bains Rd., Morphett Vale, SA 5162 (Enter from the REAR GATE CAR PARK off STANLEY Street)


Cost: $35.00 per person (WBKA Members $20) open to all ages.

Time: 10:00 – 2:30pm approx.


BBQ Lunch: We will have a BBQ lunch– sausages, meat and vege patties, and soft drinks will be available for sale for a small price (Please Note: we Need some Volunteers to help with the BBQ on the day– please let Soke John Alford know if you can help asap)

Four different styles, and instructors. Come along and broaden

your knowledge and understanding of the samurai arts. Be part of a martial arts family and community for the days training, whilst making new friendships.

Expert dedicated instructors wishing to pass on their skills,

knowledge and thoughts.

Book a place with your instructor now today.



Only 7 Months To Go

Until the WBKA Inc Festival of Martial Arts & Culture 2014

Hanshi Bruce Haynes WBKA Inc Ambassador for Karate worldwide, is going to attempt to break the  “World Guinness book of record” by breaking 410kg of concrete live  on October 11th 2014, at The Festival of Martial Arts and Culture in Adelaide South Australia. Come and see it live..!

List of instructors coming out soon.

Demonstration and Attractions and “How to get tickets” will be announced in April.

Overseas people wishing to attend are well come to contact us here!








Official opening of the WBKA Inc office on the 1st December 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended the official opening of the WBKA Inc office on the 1st December 2013. Special thanks to Hanshi Bruce Haynes for declaring the dojo open. Also Hanshi Bruce Haynes agreed to become our Ambassador for Karate worldwide.








Congratulations Hanshi, the WBKA family wish you good luck in your “World Guinness book of record” attempt to smash the World Record for breaking in October 2014, at The Festival of Martial Arts and Culture.



Meeting of Styles

We are please to announce that the next “Meeting of Styles” will take place on December 1st at the Honbu Dojo Unit 8, Research Road, Pooraka, Salisbury 5095.  This WBKA event will finish of a very busy year because it is with the greatest pleasure and honour that we can announce that Hanshi Bruce Haynes, 10th Dan, “44 Times World Full Contact Karate Champion” undefeated, “Guinness Book of Records – World Record Holder for Breaking”, The founder of HANSHI KAI INTERNATIONAL from Melbourne Vic.  Along with Sensei Mark Ferreira of 8th Dan Shuriken Shorin Ryu Karate – Do flying from WA are both joining us an sharing their wealth of experience with all our members. Book your place with your instructor NOW very limited places for the day. Cost $25 for non members and $20 for members.




The World Budo Kan Association, “meeting of styles”, at Magill UniSA on Sept 8th 2013. The bringing together of six different clubs an styles, in fellowship and celebration of true Budo. Sharing of techniques and friendship.










Shihan Jason Peak

It is with great sadness that we have to inform all our membership of the terrible news on the passing of Shihan Jason Peak our National UK Representative.

Shihan Jason was a founding member of our association and a great passionate advocate for preserving traditional martial arts.

If you did not have the honor of meeting with him, he was a warm gentle, kind, funny and generous man.

He love his arts and students. His passion was infectious  and we will all miss him greatly, may god bless this wonderful man, martial art teacher,  son, husband,and father. Until we meet again my friend…


2nd UK WBKA Seminar July 2013

Thank you to all those who turned up to train with us at Shihan Peaks Aikido Torquay UK dojo over the three days of the summer training course.

Thank you for every ones hospitality while we have been with you in and out of the dojo its has been a pleasure.


Welcome also to the new members from England, glad to have you with us on your martial art journey.

To book your place on next years UK summer course, contact Shihan Peak as early as possible.

Also to join WBKA Inc UK contact either Shihan Peak (Southern England) Or Renshi Goulding (Midlands & North).

AGM Notice

Official Notice to Membership;

As the constitution dictates we hear by announce the AGM of the WBKA Inc. this is to be held on Tuesday July 2nd starting at 6:30pm

World Budo Kan Association Inc, Unit 8 – 16 – 28, Research Rd, Pooraka, Salisbury Pooraka South Australia. The annual report and accounts will be placed in the members section a week prior to the AGM. The minutes of the meeting (AMG) will be placed in the members section two weeks prior. Should you wish to add anything to be discussed at the AGM please send it in writing to the President at least 1 week prior to the AGM. Thank you


UK Seminars July 2013

Shihan Withey President WBKA Inc, is again traveling to the UK to hold seminars and workshops from 5th July -20th July 2013. Please contact Renshi Peak and Renshi Goulding, National Representatives. (see instructors or club page)


New Home

World Budo Kan Association Inc, will be moving office to WBKA Inc, Unit 8, 16-28 Research Rd, Pooraka, Adelaide South Australia.

The office will be open as of 14th May 2012.


2nd Festival of Martial Arts and Culture 2014

The date has now been set for the 2nd festival, November 1st & 2nd 2014. Venue, guest of honor and list of Grand Masters teaching will follow very shortly, please keep checking this page or our facebook page. This event is free participation on the mat regardless of your style,organisation, and you do not need to be a member. Although it is by invitation only an limited to a total of 200 students per day. If you wish to be invited please forward your request to the: WBKA Inc Secretary . Stating full Name, style and grade, with your contact details.


The Passing of Masamichi Noro Sensei

It is with the deepest sadness that we announce to our members the passing of Masamichi Noro Sensei in France.

Sensei Reg Bleakman considered Noro Sensei as his aikido teacher and was a regular visitor to the Budo of Great Britain’s head quarters in Birmingham. Noro Sensei was nicknamed the “white tornado”, because of his speed and technique. Our condolences go out to his family and students. RIP


The Opening of the & WBKA Festival of Martial Arts 2012 




Consul-General for Japanese affairs for Australia (Melbourne) Mr Sobashima and President of WBKA Inc Professor Carl Withey





Professor Withey and Sensei James and sensei Kovarch visit Professor Witheys old instructor and club at the Colmers Farm Aikido Dojo in Runbery Birmingham to train with his old sensei 7th Dan Sensei Dave Packer.

Professor Withey and Sensei James and Sensei Kovarch visit Professor Witheys old instructor and club at the Colmers Farm Aikido Dojo in Rubery Birmingham to train with his old Sensei 7th Dan Sensei Dave Packer.