Activities and initiatives

Activities and initiatives to date;


Festival of Martial Arts and Culture 2014


October 11th & 12th we will see the largest gathering of martial artists ever known in South Australia, coming together for the Festival of Martial Arts and Culture to be held here in Salisbury. Not only will we be hosting Masters from Australia but from Japan, USA, Central Africa, England, New Zealand and the Philippians.


The festival hosted over 200 martial artists from the age of 6yrs to 65yrs from different Samurai Arts from all over SA, with a number of students coming from interstate and overseas.


Spanning over two days, the festival celebrates these diverse cultures living together within South Australia, and gives them the opportunity and platform to showcase them to an international audience. We believe that by exposing the community, to these wonderful and diverse cultures in such a way as this, they will more freely observe, learn, understand, and integrate with other cultures from theirs through positivity and become more tolerant of their cultural differences, directly benefiting the South Australian and Australian culture and its cohesiveness as a society. Through this event National pride will be enhanced and enable the feeling of unity among many Australians. Such an event condones bigger and better contributions to the community in which they live, and each and every person involved the feeling of being valued for who they are, and empowers them to be proud of what they can offer and bring to the event.


We are also met South Australia’s strategic plans under community – Vision. Helping to increase attendance in our festivals thereby increasing not only local but state vibrancy, creating a positive influence in the community making SA a vibrant place to live, work, play and visit. We at World Budo Kan Association Inc firmly believe that by attempting to bring this festival and our “come and try sessions” here we will help to connect, care and support one another through participating in a social community and economic activity.


It was a fantastic two days for all concerned, from our youngest students of 6 years of age to our adults. Other than active training with some of the world’s leading exponents of the Samurai Arts, we have for the general public live demonstrations, music and dance, origami, Indian Henna (mehendi) painting calligraphy, kimono dressing and a “World Record Attempt”- witness the impossible with Channel 9 News reporting on the event!


Over the festival weekend raised significant funds for;


  • The Orphans and war veterans in Zambia.
  • Motor-neurons SA,
  • Parkinson’s SA,
  • Men’s Prostrate Cancer


It was with the greatest pleasure that “His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le, Governor of South Australia” opened the WBKA Festival of Martial Arts and Culture 2014. Along with the Deputy Consul-General of Japan, Mr Hirohisa Chiba, Mayor of Salisbury Gillian Aldridge.



The WBKA ran six meeting of the masters seminars, with gust instructors attending such as Chris Hoshiyama 10th Dan Hanshi (Hoshiyama Ju Jitsu Ryu and Kojo-Ryu Koshinkan karate). Jonathan Kruger 8th Dan Shihan (Martial Art Missionary) from Zambia (Central Africa) Judoka Kodakan. Master Hans De Jong, Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu JuJustu one of the most respected JuJustu experts in the world today.
Bruce Haynes, 10th Dan Hanshi Karate-Do, 8th Dan Kyokushin, World Tameshirwari Champion and Tony Ball 10th Dan Soke Fudoshin.

All the money raised was used to help assist the Festival and charities.


13th May 2014 WBKA Inc new office and location of World HQ

WBKA has moved into its new world HQ in unit 8  16-28 Research Rd, Pooraka, SA. This will now be were all correspondence, work etc will be performed from. WBKA is sharing the space with one of its clubs Budo Kan of Australia, in order to keep cost’s to a minimum. WBKA as agreed one year’s free rent with Budo Kan of Australia.


Meeting of Masters Fund raising  21st April 2014. 

This fund raising event enlisting fellow martial artist Peter Pace will bring four masters together to help raise funds for the festival, by bring over 70 other martial art students together for a training day work shop.


Self-Deference for young girls 22nd April 2014

The see’s the first one day session highlighting the dangers for young girls and providing simple and easy to use techniques to counter bullying and possible attack avoidance. In partnership with Salisbury East Neighbourhood Centre as part of their school holiday program.


Exhibition for Zambia

Money raised from our bottle and can collecting was donated to the Zambian Kitwe dojo, run by Sensei Jonathan Kruger, to go towards projects involving feeding the orphan children turning up at his mission and dojo.     



2013 Feb – June:

Special Needs Course self-protection and leadership.

After the success of the 2 courses run in 2012 the club worked in partnership with DCSI once again providing to more individuals. 

We are now organising a research project (to be devised by our University graduate members) to highlight the vast improvements of each individual, in an attempt to extend this to the wider community.


Special Needs Course self-protection and leadership Feb 2013

Our 15 week course for 8 of the most vulnerable adults with various difficulties.  Two other group members are now transioning into main stream club.  WBKA is organizing a research project to highlight the vast improvements of each individual hoping to extend this to the wider community.


Exhibition for Zambia December 2012

An exhibition and fund raising night was conducted on 21st December 2011, at the Memorial Hall in Salisbury SA. Money raised from this event was donated to the Zambian Kitwe dojo run by Sensei Jonathan Kruger, to go towards projects involving feeding the orphan children turning up at his mission and dojo.


WBKA Inc Festival of Martial arts 2012 (Nov11th  )

WBKA Inc organised the biggest martial art festival in South Australian history bring together over 135 martial artists from many different styles and arts with MP’s, and Consular General of Japan all attending this cultural event as well of over 1000 members of the public attending throughout the whole day. The event also celebrated native arts as well as Japanese culture. All free of charge to attendees and public.


Gi Donation Day Nov 2012

11th November was the day set aside for anyone who would like to donate a new or second gi, which are in good condition to be sent to the Zambian dojo run by Sensei Jonathan Kurger in Kitwe Zambia. Here the samurai missionary helps educate, feed and cloth orphan children and teach them martial arts. Many of these children have gone on to make a positive impact on their communities.


Donation to assist the Veterans of the “African Kings Rifles” (WWII) Zambia. Oct 2012

There are only 7 of these ageing veterans living in abject poverty (found to date),who fought against the Japanese in WWII. WBKA forwarded a small donation from funds raised to assist in the efforts to help these veterans in their declining years. 


National Coaching Accreditation Course  October 12-14th 2012

Organised the first NCAS course. Bringing together seven different style, 21 students from 4 5 different clubs around SA. To attempt to provide creditable coaching and qualifications in raising the standard of coaching and safe for the martial art community.


Interactive volunteer work shop with brain injured clients (from Flinders University program), Feb & Oct 2011

Three instructors conducted interactive aikido classes with adults who have brain injuries in conjunction with Flinders University. The aim was to help improve concentration levels and improve their confidence and co-ordination levels. It was so successful WBKA has conducted several more of these sessions with excellent results.


Exhibition raising funds for Young People with Parkinson’s Disease. Dec 2011

End of year exhibition and fund raising night was conducted on 17th December 2011, at the Memorial Hall in Salisbury SA. Money raised from this event was donated to the Parkinson’s society of SA, to go towards projects involving young people.  


Christian youth group work shop in Aikido. 2011

Three instructors conducted two one hour introduction work shops for the young people to aikido as part of their weekend summer camp.