Application for membership

Membership to WBKA Inc

WBKA Inc considers legitimacy of rank, title, and grades of paramount importance, thus applicants that demonstrate this are highly encouraged. This is demonstrated through the fact that we do not swap or exchange certification.

For application of membership to WBKA, firstly can you provide us with:

  • Your grading certification (including signed, dated, with official stamp or seal certificate);
  • Verified linage, including dates, timelines, instructors names, ranks and titles;
  • Your full training history in martial arts.

All applications for membership (regardless of rank) are subject to this assessment.

If you are new to the samurai arts, or you have only been training a short time, this does not matter as long as your instructor can endorse you and provide the above.

If you cannot provide the above you may consider: training with a sensei in a recognised traditional Japanese martial art with a proven legitimate linage back to Japan or Okinawa, or with one of our WBKA national representative, or special advisers nearest to your geographical location.

Once you have all the above information, and completed the application form (see link) you will need to send everything to; your application must either be endorsed by your WBKA club sensei, our national representative, WBKA ambassador, or one of our special advisory board members.

If you have none of these endorsements, forward a covering letter to the President of WBKA who will assess your application and may present it to the special advisory board members adn then executive committee for a decision.

Things that may affect an application:

Your art is not a traditional Japanese martial art;

Poor etiquette;

Anything that may be considered of a negative influence on or have adverse effect to the legitimacy and quality of WBKA Inc, including its name or standing.

We wish you well in the future and hope your path leads you to your desired goal.

Application Form