Benefits of Membership

Application for membership to the World Budo Kan Association

We have received a number of requests to exchange certificates, and grade certificates etc. Please do not send or request such things. It is not our strict policy NOT to do so!

If you are seeking membership, then please contact us, our policy is clear and strict. Applications are well come from traditional martial artists with correct linage. Next stage is verification of grading certificate, linage and references. This applies to every single person regardless of rank.

All new members will be on a probation period of 3-12months, and have shown and abide by our rules, and clear expectations in line with your grade. After such time, then and only then will we consider endorsing your grades, but note, you may have to undergo a grading assessment.

Our policy is, “you never ask for a grading, nor refuse on should it be offered by the WBKA Inc”.

Also note any instructors or Masters wishing to join, and partake in any of our seminars, workshops, and events. No instructors are paid a fee.

Provision of :

  • Templates and training on lesson plans Curriculum
    Comprehensive Grading syllabus
  • Assistance in finding insurance
  • Assistance in finding suppliers (discounts) on all equipment
  • Certificate & License verification and endorsement. Note this will be done through our
  • network of passed instructors or examination.
  • Legitimate grading certification by linage and structured curriculum.
    (Cadet/Jrn/Snr/ Dan grades/Instructors certificate and Advanced diploma).
  • Courses on how to be a better instructor, coaching and mentoring courses.
  • Web site:
    DVD resources
    Access to top class instructors

WBK Badges

Note; you can only purchase a WBK badge from your instructor;

  • If you have been a member of a World Budo Kan associated club for 6 months,
  • Have been accepted as a life member will you be allowed to purchase and wear the World Budo Kan Membership Badge.

Benefits of Membership Application Form