Organisation Structure

Special Advisory Group

This is a small group of outstanding martial artists who advise the President and committee on a wide range of topics.


Hoshiyama, Kazuo Chris Sensei



President: Withey, Carl Sensei



Tapia, Charlie Sensei



 National Representatives

Should attempt to meet once a year prior to the World Congress and discuss policy, direction, development etc

National & Regional Representatives

Each club must provide a member to attend a meeting once every 6-12 months to provide feedback to the World Budo-Kan, for best practice, ideas and information for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. Each meeting will be organised and run on a rotational basis at the organisers club or other.

Committee Members

New Incoming WBKA President – Tony Ricketts (October, 2017)
(Secretary) M.Elston – (Treasurer) W.Zamora
Committee Members
A.Parry – M.Pearson – Luke Withey – John Alford – Jamie Barnett

Club Instructors

Responsible for upholding the mission statement, safety regulations and ideals of WBKA.

Assistant instructors

Responsible for aiding the Club Instructors and club members.


Responsible for upholding the dojo rules and etiquette.