Reg Bleakman Sensei


Founder of the Budo of Great Britain (1960’s), Birmingham, England.

Bleakman Sensei in this photo in 1978 was 9th Dan Atemi Jutsu, 6th Dan Judo and 7th Dan Aikido. Bleakman
Sensei’s Kyu Shin Kan Dojo in Kings Norton Birmingham until he moved his to hos new premises in Stirchley. Birmingham which continued for a short time after his death. Bleakman Sensei often used to teach at Smith Sensei Dojo at Chances Glass Social Club in West Bromwich,  Smith Sensei also spent many hours teaching and training at Bleakman Sensei’s Dojo.

Tony Smith Sensei , one of a number of senior instructors began to carry on the mantle left by Bleakman Sensei , started to advance Atemi Jutsu by incorporating and introducing the traditional techniques (see below) and blending the new self defense needs in the modern era, it is a must know art of self defense. Other senior instructors that developed their Atemi Jutsu style; Sensei’s Bradley, Steadman and Hughes. Smith Sensei was the highest legitimate graded Atemi Ju Jitsu martial artist in the world today.

Anthony David Smith Sensei (10th Dan) presented Budo Kan Master Instructor Carl Withey with his 8th Dan in Atemi Jujitsu, Smith Sensei traveled to Australia in 2011 and spent 3 months teaching at the Budo Kan of Australia. Spending valuable time teaching instructors and students alike. Many hours were also spent talking about the drifting away of a lot of former students who used to train at and were members of the Budo of Great Britain and the many schools that closed as a result.

What is alarming is that many of the ancient arts once taught by those Masters and Senior Instructors within Budo of GB may eventually be lost. There are only a few senior instructors and masters still around and practicing, which in itself over the coming short years may see a huge amount of knowledge lost or dilution of what was once taught. Over the many months with many conversation between Smith Sensei , Sensei’s Withey, Jayson Peak and Goulding, it was decided to form the World Budo Kan Association driven by Withey Sensei . The first step was to contact the Bleakman family and advise them of the intended foundation of WBKA to follow in the footsteps once taken by Reg Bleakman Sensei and to see if they were happy for it to go ahead.

It was pleasing to receive their wonderful support and endorsement in taking forward the preservation of the linage of the Budo of Great Britain and the arts once taught there.

The WBKA designed the emblem fitting of its instruction heritage. The outer black line is representing the passing of the old masters, then the arts taught form the foundation of the eternal circle, with the rising sun bringing the new dawn. The Bleakman family, Smith Sensei and instructors such as Philip Bradley Sensei (9th Dan) are currently putting together more documentation for us to add. Further details will appear as we have them.

Anthony David Smith Sensei (10th Dan) has now retired from all martial arts due to in health in January 2015.