New To Martial Arts

Not sure what to ask or look for?

How do I know it’s a good club or instructor?

A lot of people claim to do a martial art but are indeed actually doing a sport style martial art and these sport styles are far removed from the martial arts we teach.

We have nothing against any sport styled as a martial art and we see the benefits of participating in them but, it is our humble opinion these sporting styles are eroding away the prospective martial arts student who thinks they are starting a martial arts class and then find they are only taught a sport style.

The advice we offer you, if you are indeed someone who is considering taking up martial arts is as follows;

Do your research especially the differing styles of martial arts. Once you have then decide on the martial art you want.

Then look for a club and the internet is a great way, but so is your local council libraries, community centers, schools (after school classes).

You must also consider the following:

  • No good club or instructor would ask for money upfront…walk away!!
  • Look for an established club that has been running for some time.
  • Check the qualifications of the Sensei (instructor).
  • No decent instructor would mind or refuse any new student asking.
  • Look at the associations (research on the internet) the club/Sensei is connected with. Are they world recognised associations, registered with local & national government? You can always phone the associations and check. We keep copies of ours on hand for just this reason.
  • Is your prospective instructor experienced, we suggest a minimum 3rd Dan. You can then have an instructor who has a reasonable amount of knowledge to pass on to his students. Also, ask to sit in on a session this way you determine if you will get on with the Sensei (teacher), if you would like the martial art and if you want to be apart of the club.
  • The club should be clean and a high amount of discipline & etiquette should be in place. And Finally, does the club/Sensei have good insurance cover (Personal and public liability), together with child protection & police clearance, risk assessment and equal opportunity polices etc.

If you want to start martial arts then contact us to discuss what you are looking for.